About me

Contributing in IT industry for over 15 years while successfully designed and deployed over 30 commercial projects from various industries including, FinTech, MedTech, Digital Media & Marketing, Telecom and E- commerce.

Earned MSc in Software Engineering & Management from Linköping University, Sweden.

The positions I’ve held during these years include: Big Data & Cloud Solutions Architect (AWS, GCP, Azure), Enterprise Data Architect, System Architect, System Analyst, Business Analyst as well as Project Manager. I was also a founder of a small outsourcing startup in 2014.

I have a genuine interest in implementing business requirements into technical design schemes. Particularly, when this involves designing the architecture of big data platforms, running a pilot and Proof-of-Concept (PoC), proposing & building scalable cloud solutions and designing data warehouses. Besides that, I also enjoy conducting workshops, demos, face-to-face meetings with customers, team management using agile methodologies and taking lead to accomplish a goal together as a team.

I believe life is one of the most simple yet complicated subject to read. To build a better understanding and demystify this enigma, I like to read books on life, psychology, self-help, decision making, entrepreneurship, leadership and from various other disciplines.

Apart from that, I love working out in the gym, get to know about history, attend social events as well as get inspired from nature. I also acquire a strong desire to understand and serve Artificial Intelligence!