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My name is Ilyas Iqbal and on this blog, we share the experiences and lessons learned within Technology (e.g; Cloud, Big Data, AI), Leadership, Fitness and Life in general!

Apparently, most of the ideas are just an extension or enhanced version of their former ideas, so don't be afraid to use them as long as they bring more value to the people's lives - Ilyas Iqbal

Check out my latest articles in following categories:


Cloud, Big Data, AI, ML, Analytics, Data Governance, Data Quality, Self Driving Cars, Robotics, Drones, etc.


Product and Project Management, SAFe Agile Methodology, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Team Management, Time & Cost Management, etc.


Muscle Building, Food Supplements, Fat Loss, CrossFit, Endurance & Strength, etc.


Family Values, Friends & Colleagues, Psychology, Philosophy, Happiness & Fulfilment, etc.

Some of the companies & customers Ilyas Iqbal has worked with:

Recommit AB
Nordea AB
Ericsson AB
Klarna AB
Urb-it AB
Doctorin AB
Schibsted AB
Rocker AB
Tobii AB
Leadsius AB
Speedup AB

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