The Dance — Life vs. Death

This was quite an agitated morning with a bunch of disturbing thoughts occupied my head. The reflection of 176 casualties in an airstrike over Iranian airspace was still making my heart wrenching. Many of onboard passengers might have been aspiring, struggling and planning about their future to build a better living. Others might just have overcame irrefutable fatal diseases, traumas and harsh realities of life and just took a deep breath to welcome the achievements they just made. However, it’s awful just to imagine, all of them have gone with just a snap of the fingers.

In this battle of dance among life and death, death has always been and will always be a winner. This leads to a question of the importance of living a good life or a life worth living before beast of death catches it and hunts it down. A life with fulfillment and gratitude. Wealth and earning a disposable income, is just a part of it but most of our time is being spent on making it and then we leave this world empty handed. Like Alexander said:

Isn’t that strange? We have forgotten what really matters the most. And even worst, we don’t put enough efforts finding those missing pieces of the puzzle but whining about the ones we don’t posses. There’s a growing pile of unnecessary crap on our shoulders and we don’t feel responsible to get rid of it.

Besides that, technology is eating us up at the speed of light and ripping apart our social status. And every single day, we have to learn something new to compete this rat race. Whereas, we must put our time, energy, resources and efforts to also something better, meaningful and more valuable.

Something larger than life. Undoubtedly, these could be spending quality time with family, having laughs with friends on stupid yet interesting things, connect with new people, investing in building healthy relationships, helping helpless and most importantly spending the wealth we make while being alive, within this uncertain world.

We don’t know what would happen to us tomorrow. It could be an earth quake, a bushfire, an airstrike, a road accident, or even taking our last few breathes lying on a hospital bed. But we are alive NOW. We can live every bit of it. Make memories which last long. Smile on the failures we happen to come across. Do the good things we mostly desire to do. Be less anxious about future and don’t feel depressed about past. Be grateful for what you have today. Lastly, don’t just die with last words “I wish I could…”!